Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talking Blogging on Blue Collar Radio Network

A short time ago I was honored to be asked on to the Blue Collar Business Radio Network with James Dibben. James has started a series of Blue Collar Business podcasts where he is sharing the concerns, strategies and successes of real working people in the small business community.

We talked for about 20 minutes before the hour-long show, and then nearly an hour afterwards! I cannot thank James enough for the opportunity- ALSO, I have such great social media and blog friends for showing up to listen and chat along. You guys made the show!

Head over to James' site and take a listen. If you aren't familiar with James Dibben, today is the day to get familiar. Go over to his site and make sure that you're following him on twitter

If you missed our show, the awesome thing is that James podcasts EVERYTHING! You can listen to me forever!

Wanna listen? Click HERE!


  1. Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.....

    Nick, thanks again for being on the show.

    You have continued my streak of having fantastic experiences with my guests!

  2. Now that's a very big opportunity for your to promote what you love to do. I say you did a pretty amazing job!

  3. James- Glad to be a part, and look forward to next time!

    EFT- Thanks for the kind words- not only was it great promotion, but lots of fun!


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