Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cupboards Blog 2010: Looking Back, and Forward!

Seriously, where did 2010 go?

It seems like just yesterday that we were watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve on 2009 and here we are in 2011! Today I did a quick glance back at the blog- considering that I didn't really start blogging regularly until end of May, it's been a really enjoyable experience(and neat to see how it's evolved in such a short period).

There are plenty of people to thank(and not enough room here to do so) for the encouragement and inspiration it took to get me in to the blogosphere- Most everyone knows that I don't really like the idea of an "online life" and it was/is a big deal for me to get in to this great big deal. It's been awesomely rewarding and I've "met" lots of new folks that add to my world(after all, isn't that what we want?).

So as a look back, here are a few of my favorite posts. If you read them the first time, thanks! If you didn't, it's time that you did.

Movin' to Moomin Valley - Designers draw inspiration from everywhere and everything. The designer of a set of children's spaces, Maria Yasko, used a children's book series as a guide. 

Son, Were You Born in a Barn? - Barn doors took center stage. Now they're not just on the barn but in our homes, promoting the cozy feel of simpler times.

There Once Was a Woman Who Bathed in a Shoe - Maybe the most unique part of Cupboards' blog year was the birth and growth of Let's Blog Off. Now a bi-weekly come together of bloggers from all-over, the blog-off was born from a giant bathtub, shaped like a stiletto shoe. Could there have been anything better?

Pantone-ing the Kitchen - Honeysuckle Inspiration - There are plenty of people who are upset that Pantone left turquoise behind and forged ahead with something quite pinkish. What would it look like in the kitchen? Might not be what you would expect!

Friday Find - Blue Bell Creameries - Our favorite Cupboards field trip(Can you believe this is 2 blocks from our shop?!) Something everyone in America should do... spend the 50 cents and have a scoop of famous Blue Bell ice cream right in their parlor! 

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream - In case you can't make it to your favorite ice cream parlor, you can make one of my recipes at home. Low-fat? What's that? 

Bake-N-Blog - Holiday Edition - Yep, I can cook(or watch my sister the actual professional chef cook). So what if it's me and a bunch of women making cookies and sharing about it... You wish you had mad skills like these. 

So I ran to the loo... - It wouldn't be my blog without some potty talk. From urinals to toilets that have sinks built in to them. We've covered a lot. 


Colorfully Steppin' - Not everyone can pull of interior walls with wild colors, but everyone can fall down stairs painted turquoise! I love seeing unique spaces with tons of character- the often over-looked staircase gets a makeover.

Thanks again to everyone for making our 2010 so rockin' awesome. Look forward to more cool posts and having you back at our little corner of the interwebs.

Happy New Year!

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