Monday, January 24, 2011

"Just put it by the Mini on the top shelf..."

I love seeing kitchen spaces that are quite far from the ordinary- rarely would one expect to see half an automobile hooked on the wall like a portrait. Now is one of those rare times. 

The eat-in area is a perfect compliment to the single wall kitchen workspace. If you're fretting about the work triangle, think about work stations. This space is easily a multi-person kitchen and has some really sharp design elements. 

Maybe I could hang a motorcycle on my bathroom wall... 


  1. Nick, follow the theme here - only half a motorcycle.

  2. By that logic, I should hang 1/2 my Unicycle on my wall? I'm not sure what that would be called... or look like.

  3. Alexandra- YIKES, my bad!

    Jamey- You do that, buddy... and take pictures. ;-)

  4. I think the real question is how do we get one in the ModSauce Ranch??!!!

  5. ModSauce- Hmm...

    Honey, I think we are gonna have to talk to your GC about some ceiling height issues. ;-)


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