Friday, January 14, 2011

#ShowerWeek - Sprinz Shower Panels

There is rarely a better looking shower than one made from simple plate glass panels- it's a classic look that requires little "decorating" skill to achieve a designer room. Sometimes though, plain-jane glass just isn't the ticket. If you need something more, this is your dream shower situation.

Yup, it's a goldfish.
Sprinz is a fourth-generation family owned company that has been making glass products for residential and commercial applications since 1886. They are one of the few companies world-wide that does ceramic screen and digital printing.

Ceramic digital printing offers the ability to have the same image seen on both sides of the glass- Hey, it's art in the shower!

Shower in the bamboo jungle.

Here is my favorite-

Not sure that the shower could end up much better- good initial design, plus the personalized touch!

Here are two examples of Sprinz and their ceramic screen printing- offers a bit of different effect but equally impressive results. 

Pretty neat, huh? Take a stroll over to their site and look at all the goodies- lots of inspiration over there! 

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