Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Find - The Diamond Bathtub

Now that Pantone has "Honeysuckled" our world, it only seems fitting that we'd get a pink, shimmery bathtub to talk about.

Lori Gardner spent three years on "The Diamond Bathtub" project, attaching exactly 44,928 rose pink Swarovski crystals to a quite traditional claw-foot bathtub. According to Gardner, part of the fun is to discover the single diamond among the crystals.

It certainly isn't my taste, but neither was the Shoe-tub. Have to give the creator some credit, appears that no space was left bare!

For a cool $39k, you can have one of these, too. 


  1. Nick, my younger daughter, the tattoo artist, would LOVE this! She is a "pank" kind of girl! LOL Another great blog subject! Thanks!


  2. Brenda- Sadly, you missed the opportunity to surprise her for Christmas... Birthday maybe? ;-)

  3. Nick, I can always count on you to find something unique and design-news worthy. And, ties into those great memories of our shoe-tub blog off. Have a great weekend!

  4. Please go drown my sorrows at having to see that thing in it.

  5. Bill- Thanks buddy! That shoe-tub night changed our blogs and twitter forever, eh?

    Alexandra- Dear, I don't see anything "in" it... help me out.

  6. That's one groovy bathtub. Customized bathtub? Great idea.


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