Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Find - Necklace Swing

Let's go ahead and file this one under the "why not" collection of furniture. 

So you have a giant necklace hanging from the ceiling, perfect for lounging and swinging. (I'd like to point out that someone ought to do a little less swinging and little more sweeping. Your floors are pure nasty.) I think this might be fun(and dangerous), but I'm not sure about how I would decide where to put it. 

The 10' necklace is available in either Wood Felt or Beechwood and is the brainchild of German-designer Johanna Richter. According to the site where the necklace can be ordered, it "makes a poetic statement in any room..."

Price: $1600

What say you, peanut gallery?


  1. Amy- I'm with you on the over-priced part... Plus, one must figure in insurance premiums for when you fly across the room after you fall out of it.


  2. My future wife may spend recklessly with my money, which, I guess I'll tolerate because she'll be super smart, beautiful, and able to distinguish between zone and man coverage (both basketball and football), but if I ever come home and there is a wooden necklace swing hanging in our bedroom(house), I'll first try it out, gleefully giggle like a little kid, then promptly remove it from the premises.

    A tire swing in the back yard or a rope swing into the creek/pond will suffice for our swinging pleasures.

    Plus, I envision a Home Alone, marbles scattered on the floor scene with all those wooden balls. If it comes apart, there is going to be an epic standing/falling disaster on your hands.

    Why did I just go off on a rant about a wooden swing necklace? I guess I need a sandwich -- oh, it's lunchtime. Nice.

    Thanks Nick.

  3. Jamey- I appreciate the comments. The mental picture of you giggling and swinging was all I needed today. Ha!

  4. pillow- HA! All very good questions...

  5. Pillowthrowdecor really said everything I was thinking but I'd like to add in another big 'OUCH' for good measure.


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