Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#LetsBlogOff - Thank goodness for books about football...

So I'm not the literary type... This is the opening week of the college football season after all and contrary to what some may think, I do actually read books(without pictures).

Fortunately for me, there are plenty of good football books to read and I can knock one out in seemingly no time as long as I don't think the team of topic is vile.

One of the bookcases at work...

So most of my books have pictures... Sheesh.

One of my all-time favorite authors is pot-stirrer extraordinaire Clay Travis. His first big hit(my opinion) is the epitome of modern Southern culture. When I picked up Dixieland Delight for the first time, I think I ran through half a dozen chapters without realizing it.

Dixieland Delight is Travis' documentation of a season in the Southeastern Conference. Without any tickets, hotel rooms or little other planning, Clay sets out to see each SEC stadium in a single season(12 venues in 14 weeks. Tough sledding for anyone). The people he meets on the journey are what sets Southeastern Conference football apart from any other conference in the country- he captures them brilliantly. I laughed out loud more than once and even got a little blurry eyed.

my personal copy is out on loan... 

The book could not better represent the passion of fans or their willingness to share the bounty of a tailgate with others. It was also refreshing to see how the traditions of one team even stirs passion among opponents. We have no shortage of traditions- Here are a couple of my favorites:

At Auburn, Toomer's Corner is probably what most people would think... If you haven't seen the pregame eagle flight before a rival game, it's completely overwhelming.

In Knoxville, there's nothing like the opening of the T!

And of course tailgating in the Grove at Ole Miss.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's bigger and better every year and Dixieland Delight is a crash course in what Southeastern Conference football fans do from Labor Day until Christmas each year.

So as any good Alabamian will do, I'll ask. Who do you cheer for?

This football related post is my little bit of Let's Blog Off for the week. Let's Blog Off is a bi-weekly coming together of bloggers around a common topic and this week's question was, "What is your favorite book?"

It's too close to football season for me to be thinking about much else.

Read everyone else's posts and leave them some comments... Hey, write one for yourself, too!


  1. Not a thing wrong with books with pictures! Gotta love the passion & tradition. One day I want to tag along to your tailgate!

  2. We always have a great time, Becky- you're welcome anytime!

  3. Well, since you asked, Nick, I cheer for a team that wears orange, too. It's a different shade of orange than your Volunteers wear. And they always wear it with blue. And if you get on I-75 in Knoxville and keep going south, you'll eventually get to the town two states away that is their home - Gainesville, Florida.

    I think we can certainly agree that SEC football is the best though!

  4. Nick, you know that I bleed orange and blue, Auburn orange and blue that is! Watching the pre-game flight of the eagle never gets old and it never fails to bring chill bumps and even tears. I have not read this book, so I need to get on your lending list, please. War Damn Eagle!

  5. Allison- The older I get the more I realize that if I live even near an SEC school(except for one) that I'd be right there with the fans cheering and enjoying the festivities... SEC football will always be the best! With that said... Go Gators! (Until 9/17, and the Gators are going down!)

    Brenda- It's a fine book- Clay gets to do what lots of us can only dream to do in a single season. As soon as I get it back it'll head your way.

  6. Nick, what is does the Auburn crowd yell when Tiger is flying and then lands? Great great tradition.

  7. Well, OK, maybe not football books for yours truly! Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy the game, because I do. In fact my wife and I are very much looking forward to the opening of the NFL season. But as I said in another comment on the Let’s Blog Off gang, that’s what makes these bi-weekly get-togethers fun. We get to look at life through different lenses.

  8. Arne- War Eagle, hey!

    Joe- You got it... couldn't agree more!

    ALSO, I deleted a comment totally by accident(even though because she followed it up with 'Roll Tide' I'll be accused of doing it on purpose)...

    annsflair(from annsflair.com)said, "Well, I now know what to give my husband for Christmas this year. Or maybe in celebration of the College Football Season. Roll Tide!"

    Ann- Dixieland Delight is the perfect gift. Go for it!

  9. Well, I am not a football fan but I think a well-written book about anything can be interesting to any reader. Happy football season!


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