Monday, August 29, 2011


If you didn't wake up today thinking that Monday should be Friday and that the first glorious football Saturday should be tomorrow, you probably don't like football quite as much as I do.


After what seems like years and years of scandal and off-season antics, college football starts this week. I can't be happier. Finally, sports radio has something to talk about other than RBIs and the sights/sounds/smells of tailgate season reach a fever pitch(too bad it's still 95 degrees outside).

This might be what heaven looks like... 

So in honor of the impending autumn awesomeness, we'll be joining in with the throngs of other college football fans by wearing our favorite teams colors on Friday, September 2. It's called College Colors Day and has grown like wildfire since its first event in 2005. 

Go register your company at College Colors Day and you might even win a big tailgate party on them! 
Especially in the South, sporting your team's colors in the fall is a given(sometimes even at church). Weddings are postponed(or have flat screens at the reception), businesses close in the middle of the day, families divide, even your best friend may not speak to you until after the New Year.... all for football.

The blog will be all football/tailgate, all week! So dust off that shaker and get your grill ready... Football is here at last!


  1. Break out the school colors, fire up the grills & smokers! Let's see some football already!

  2. I'm ready! Is is Friday yet? LOL


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