Monday, August 1, 2011

DuQuella Tile: DIY Network Bath Crashers Premiere!

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times... "Twitter can change your life." I've been so fortunate to meet some of the most awesome people in the kitchen and bath industry just by using(arguably efficiently) the relatively simple social media platform.

On top of meeting awesome people, I've been exposed to and worked with some of the most unique and on fire brands in the marketplace. One of those brands is DuQuella Tile. If you haven't seen the artisan tile from DuQuella, get ready... Here's a big, tasty dose headed right your way. I have been waiting for the right moment to really showcase DuQuella and that moment comes today with feature on the DIY Network hit show, Bath Crashers!

It's no surprise that when the Bath Crashers crew began planning an Arts and Crafts Bathroom episode that the DuQuella Tile would be the perfect fit... Take a look at the same inspiration that Bath Crashers designer Teresa Binter(T-Bird) used to start the project... 

And now see what tile T-Bird and her crew will be using on Bath Crashers...

A re sized 6x6 to a 10x10 with trim
Adding custom glazed colors
The horizontal design turned in to a fierce square design(my favorite, by the way)

Now, as if it weren't enough for me to show you the tiles that are being used... Take a look at some 'Behind the Scenes' shots from the episode airing on DIY Network tonight!

Photo Credits: 
Teresa 'T-Bird' Binter
Interior Designer + Stylist
T Bird Interiors
Twin Cities, Minnesota


Of course, I'm not the only one who thinks that the artisan tile from DuQuella is a cut above the rest. Here's what the Bath Crashers team had to say:

Matt Muenster, Host: "It totally keyed in on our Arts and Crafts design. Amazing! Tile looked great! You'll love it!"

And from designer T-Bird Binter, "The craftsmanship of your gorgeous one of a kind tile is unparalleled. Happy to be associated with such a high quality product!"

I'm not going to dive too deep in to the "Who, What and Where?" of DuQuella Tile. For that, I'll kindly forward you on to my friend Paul Anater at Kitchen and Residential Design...

and the very important "How?" from another friend, Saxon Henry at Roaming By Design.

So what's left for me to cover, you ask? The all important "WHY?" Let's take a look at why you should choose DuQuella Tile for your project!

Tile Integrity

The tiles are beautiful and unique - DuQuella is one of the few studios worldwide that create tube lined tile. (Check out the Roaming By Design post above) Tiles are made in the USA by artisans who put care and love for what they do into each individual tile.

Vintage style and feel in the size that you need without the vintage price. Tiles are fired to nearly 2000 degrees F for durability. Color will never fade so the tiles are perfect for fireplace surrounds.

Custom Services

Truly customized designs. Be inspired by one of DuQuella's tile designs, your existing decor or a favorite image -even from your mind's eye! Choose glaze colors from DuQuella's 300+ color palette free of charge.
You'll receive glaze samples to choose from and get to see the glaze color in the light where the tile is going to be installed before deciding(This is a MOST important part of the process). Get customized sizing so your tile fits your dimensions perfectly and customized pattern sizing so the design fits your project. Molds are not used- EVERY tile is handcrafted specifically for your order.

Custom endcaps provided for border design... 

Customer Service

Here's where the deal gets sweeter! Work directly with the studio and the tile maker. All customers receive one-on-one personal attention to each and every order, regardless of the size of the order as well as assistance with your tile layout, including a detailed drawing to assist with the installation.

With nearly 20 years of experience with long-distance projects, DuQuella Tile will work almost anywhere! DuQuella is available for projects throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand with support during the traumas of installation, construction or remodeling. You can even call toll free (if you are located within the US).

Easy To Use

Uniform size and thickness and ease of installation are vitally important to a successful tile project. Customers also have the option of using DuQuella field tile or purchasing field tile locally, possibly eliminating another shopping trip altogether!

Options are limitless with personalized design packages: Horizontal, vertical and square versions of a pattern as well as borders and murals. This eliminates searching for tile that will work(both in design and installation) together.

DuQuella customers also receive computerized preview of what a tile project will look like as well as the layout and strike off sample tile for orders of multiples. If you choose to buy field tile from DuQuella, field tile in glaze colors will match the decorative tile perfectly! No need for endless searching. 

Available in lots of sizes, DuQuella can fit any project! 6x6, 4.25x4.25, 3x6 subway and any custom size up to 10x10 is within your next tile projects reach. Decorative tile can be sized to fit within any size field tile grid.

Green Studio Practices

Thankfully, DuQuella Tile is at the forefront of conservation. Just a few way that DuQuella Tile helps save the environment:
  • Always fires kilns with full load to conserve energy.
  • Never uses glazes with lead or barium ingredients.
  • Recycles left over pieces from cutting tiles to custom sizes to create square foot installation panels of small tiles.
  • Ships using recycled packaging materials and boxes
When the time comes to choose a decorative tile, why not choose the best? Why not get what you want, made by artisans right here in the USA? With limitless options, there's no excuse!

I would personally like to thank my dear friend Cyra DuQuella for the privilege of sharing her craft with my readers. You can follow Cyra on twitter, too!

Tonight is the premiere of the DIY Network Bath Crashers episode featuring DuQuella Tile. There's no better way to see a product than to see it in action!

You can catch Bath Crashers on the DIY Network tonight(August 1) at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST. Can't catch the show tonight, never fear! You can see additional airing times here


  1. Oh, Nick. What a wonderful post about our tile! Thanks for featuring us on the BIG day! You are the BEST! Thanks for loving our tile and spreading that love!

  2. Cyra- You are VERY welcome! Thanks for allowing me to share on the blog.

    Alycia- I can't imagine choosing a DuQuella Tile for my personal home... Everything is so beautiful, it'd be too tough to choose just one!

  3. I bought one of her necklaces because the beauty shines through even in the tiny stuff!

  4. Alexandra- If the necklace you got is half as awesome as the tile, you have a real treasure!

  5. hats off Nick. Just a well put together post, perhaps one of your best -- a big event for a great lady and a true craftsperson. You did it right. thanks sir.

  6. Thanks JB- All credit to Cyra, though... I'm just happy to be able to share!


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