Monday, August 15, 2011

Next-Gen - Mono Dishwasher

With the movement toward smaller homes and smaller spaces, it's only sensible that appliances follow suit. One of the proto-types out now for small living dish washing is the Mono Dishwasher. Designed by Daniel Simonini, the Mono is suited for singles or couples as well as office situations.

The Mono can hold four plates, four glasses and place settings of silverware- perfect for a small family! 

Perhaps the best feature of the Mono is that the pressurized water not only cleans the dishes but also powers the internal battery... No power cord!

Check out this video that shows some of the inspiration behind the Mono.

What do you think? Pretty sweet, huh?


  1. Love these! I've written about other similar units myself ... trouble is, they're all prototypes! How dare they show me a great idea and then not let me buy it!

  2. Awesome, nice find! Reblogged :)

  3. nice looking piece of counter top art - but I think I would probably hand wash so few dishes

  4. Arne- Right there with you, buddy... I can't wait til something like this is available.

    veaplan- Thanks!

    Bob- Washing dishes is the ultimate punishment chore for me so this is right up my alley. I'd rather so just about anything else!

  5. I could use this in my microscopic apartment kitchen! Like you, NIck, I hate to wash dishes, it was one of my chores growing up, ugh...

  6. Brenda- I think it's perfect for a small apt. Sure beats having to run a whole dishwasher load or waiting to fill up the dw!

  7. Very good looking, but I have to agree with Bob, for that number of dishes I wouldn't bother loading a machine.


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