Monday, August 22, 2011

Miele Futura Slimline Dishwashers

Bigger is not always better. Many home products and appliances have grown(literally) in past years and even though we are seeing a trend toward smaller homes, there are still a limited amount of quality appliance products that are truly small-home friendly.

A good friend of Cupboards, Paul Anater from Kitchen and Residential Design shared some awesome information last week on the Futura Series of dishwashers from Miele. The technological advances from Miele in Futura Series is nothing short of remarkable. From capacity improvements to completely blowing away efficiency markers, the Futura really has set itself apart. Take a look at Paul's post- he covers lots of the technical specs.

One of the shining features of the Futura Series is option to have a Slimline model. Trimming down the standard 24" model to 18" without sacrificing capacity is an amazing feat!

Are you counting dishes? Think there'd be no room in a dishwasher that's only 18" wide? 

The silverware tray on top is a convertible of sorts, accommodating a variety of utensils and flatware. The upper tray is also adjustable for varied heights.

The Slimline Futura is available in both a prefinished  door(above) or a fully-integrated version(below).

While perfect for condos and apartment living, I think the Miele Futura Slimline is also ideal for small families. There doesn't seem to be a better model for efficiency! 

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