Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guest Post: 8 Tips to Create Your Charming Cozy Space

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What does cozy mean? Most probably it means something else for every person, but in order for a room to become cozy it should be comfortable, warm and inviting. There are many ways to achieve this, for example through the kind of furniture that you choose, the colors that you opt for and so on.

1. Vintage air

In case you are dealing with a vintage style room, you could be thinking about a white sofa and neutral walls. The right atmosphere could be added through the mid century-style art, furnishing and fabrics.

2. Marine motifs

Each room should have a certain kind of personality and this is why the majority of people tend to choose a theme. A really popular one is the sea theme. To achieve a cozy room of this kind consider the floor-to-ceiling shelves. Look for the nautical theme items that come in emerald hues because these spice up the antique-finished pottery and basins.

3. Wooden touch and natural tones

In case your purpose is to relax in the room, think about the natural tones and a muted color palette. If you happen to have a really nice sight, these colors will allow it to become the center stage of the room, not competing with it. The sight of wood always adds a warm touch to a room, so you should leave the wooden ceiling visible.

4. Western air meets country feeling

Do you want to feel the western vibe? There are some details that you have to be careful about. You could add some items, such as a metal washbasin and a straw hat. These add the country feeling even to the most modern rooms. To make the room inviting, you could use some out of the ordinary elements, like hanging lights and as a decoration you could be using a collection of postcards.

5. Literary hideaway

Do you want to make sure that the people living in the house will enjoy reading? Add a cushy sectional and a lot of pillows. The books could be stored in low, built-in shelves. To make the room warmer, you could add some other items that are suitable for the style, like a collection of globes and maps that charm the readers. In this case the best colors to opt for are the bright ones.

6. Monochromatic touch

Going for something bold? Think about monochromatic designs. The best idea is to keep the walls white and the color should be implemented through the furniture, accessories and lighting. Naturally you will need a focal point that adds some other color to the room, and that grabs the attention of people.

7. Warm color notes

It is said that the warmest colors are brown and orange. This is why it might be suitable to opt for a sofa in sandy colors, add some orange end tables and other accessories and don’t forget about using wood either to make sure that you will feel comfortable at the end of a long day.

8. Natural inspiration

Another color that you shouldn’t forget about is green. This reminds us of nature and it works very well when combined with brown colors and wood. You could opt for a brick colored couch and add green rugs and accessories in the room.


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